Navjyot International banks on its dynamic and experienced team of traders, Logistics & Operation, Business Management, Representative Officers, Agents and latest technology. Over the years, we have established, developed and maintained strong ties with our suppliers and customers throughout the world. In addition, we are investing in farming, processing, and logistics. As a result of our investment strategy, our portfolio of activities is diversified, global and integrated across the value chain, giving us a competitive advantage in several ways, through our business operations and strategically located assets across the India; we are strongly placed to match demand for products in any part of the world with supply from India.


Efficient Logistics

We have presence in almost geographies in India, which diversify a significant advantage of where we use our in-house logistics team to avoid bottlenecks in supply to address; we fill the gaps between key origins and destinations with smooth operations.


Time Bound Services

Through wholly-owned and third party processing facilities our products at every shipping port are being cleaned, sortexed and packaged/repacked to exact customer specifications which gives confidence to offer exact quality required by customer.


Assured Quality

Shipments are guaranteed to meet contract specifications through use of an extensive in-house and third party laboratory network. We have our own dedicated quality control team, enabling us to deliver assured quality to our clients. All export consignments are being checked by our own quality controller team and tested from third party inspection.


Personalized Service

We develop creative, efficient and custom-tailored solutions to satisfy our customers by providing them first hand information about market and Tailor made services to them at every point of time. We also share the market information to our customers to enable them to take positions accordingly.